Wade College

1950 N. Stemmons Fwy.
Suite 2026
Dallas, TX 75207
(800) 624-4850

Wade College is a privately sponsored college offering associate and baccalaureate degree programs in merchandising and design. The college is a teaching institution that emphasizes specialized professional study and the liberal arts.

Wade College exists and operates to provide its diverse student population with the skills and knowledge to be a productive part of American society. It further seeks to provide them with an enriching cultural, moral, economic, and social experience. The college is committed to serving the changing requirements of the merchandising and design fields and preparing its student for excellence in their career fields by providing knowledgeable faculty, continually updated curriculum, and modern facilities.

The purpose of Wade College is to offer programs of instruction that are designed to allow students to:

Develop the competencies necessary for immediate employment and career advancement in their chosen fields.
Continue and complete a formal education in graduate colleges and universities, if so desired.
Develop intellectual, humanitarian, and leadership skills that will advance their potential for success.
Engage in continual self-improvement.