BK Barrit

4011 G. Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(267) 345-1200
Contact: Bryson Kershner

In the interest of providing an excellent quality seating product for an exceptional price, while being environment friendly, we are predominately web based. As you will see, we have over 2000 seats at www.bkbarrit.com.

BK Barrit manufactures wood and metal seating and tables for all types of applications. Tell us what you need. We can do it in wood or metal, our standard or your custom designed seat. We have nearly 2000 styles of wood or metal seating on our web page. Our custom capabilities are extensive. I have included, below, several links to important places on our web page. Please take a moment or two to review the web and feel free to forward to anyone who may benefit. www.bkbarrit.com

BK Barrit manufactures a superior quality product for a very reasonable price. We are able to compete with the best name manufacturers in the country with regard to the quality while being very price competitive. As a general rule we would include, where possible, features like mortise and tenon, corner blocks that are tongue and groove and screwed and glued, double dowel where possible, plywood seat with webbing versus plastic trays along with solid wood construction. Our custom capabilities are extensive!