LAUFEN Bathrooms AG

Wahlenstrasse 46
Laufen, 4242
+41 61 765 71 11
Contact: Lee Breeds

Laufen quality dates back to 1892 when the Laufen Group founded its first production company in Laufen, Switzerland. The company’s reputation for superior craftsmanship grew along with its international sales. Laufen’s presence in the U.S. began with the acquisition of International American Ceramics in 1985. Since that time, Laufen has manufactured quality tile designed for the U.S. market.

Laufen’s manufacturing technology creates products of the highest quality in both innovation and design. The company has made a significant investment in new product development by expanding its line to include revolutionary new porcelain products.

Laufen offers quality floor, wall and decorative tile throughout the U.S. market. With its expansive ceramic tile offering, Laufen continues to bring together its heritage of beautiful styling and its reputation for quality craftsmanship.