US Vinyl Manufacturing Corporation

PO Box 119
1766 Broomtown Road
Lafayette, GA 30727
(708) 638-8400
Contact: Christen Derby

In 2013, US Vinyl is excited to participate in the MindClick Hospitality Sustainability Performance program to improve and promote our sustainability efforts to maximize business success. We pledge to develop, manufacture, and market products that are safe for their intended use of energy, protection of the environment, and that can be disposed of safely as well as provide a safe and healthful workplace.

hands cupping green globe

Our current manufacturing procedures to support and protect the environment:

Substrate to contain pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content
All inks and adhesives are water based and ecofriendly
All unused inks are recycled
All outbound packaging is 100% recycled content
All incoming packing materials are recycled
All incoming packing materials are recycled
Trimming and waste products are recycled
Reduction of carbon footprint
Utilize closed loop water system

U.S. Vinyl’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident not only in our business model and daily operations, but also in our product offerings. Since our inception in 1980, our goal has been to meet the needs of an ever-changing market with products that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and provide years of service with minimal maintenance. Our wallcovering is 100% recyclable – resulting in a virtually endless life cycle.