Beyer-Brown & Associates Limited Partnership

12033 Riverside Way
Suite 302
Richmond, BC V6W 1K6
(604) 736-8121
Contact: Mark Friesen

Since our inception Beyer-Brown & Associates has been extremely successful in fostering worldwide, long term supplier relationships founded on service, relationship, integrity and added value. With seven offices worldwide, Beyer Brown purchases an immense amount of FF&E and OS&E. At any given time we are tracking tens of millions of dollars connected to multiple projects through hundreds of vendor relationships and appreciate one of the highest rankings in purchasing power available today.
The corporate philosophy for Beyer Brown & Associates is founded upon service and performance that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations. We wrap our arms around each project and accept full responsibility for it from beginning to end. Our highly experienced team of energetic professionals is 100% committed to delivering successful projects again and again.
We measure success by how many projects we do with one client rather than how many clients we do one project with!???