Algiere Design & Purchasing Services, Inc.

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Contact: Catherine Stephens

Algiere Construction Services, Inc. prides itself on providing quality products and services on the established schedule for the originally agreed budget.

We maintain a full complement of qualified tradesmen who travel from job to job working directly for us to insure that the quality and timeline of work is maintained.

Our firm has completed projects throughout North America for a list of clients any company would envy.

We have worked in some of the top hotels in the world such as the Phoenician Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, the 50-story Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New Orleans, LA, the historic San Carlos Hotel in Phoenix, AZ, the Kaanapali Beach Resort in Maui, Hawaii and many others.

Our designs are created with the hotel operation in mind. We understand that the long term maintenance is what our clients are responsible for so we choose goods that are designed for commercial wear.

Budgeting is what drives the job so we take care to work with your team to develop a preliminary budget based on the desired scope or PIP instructions to insure our clients understand the cost range prior to developing any design work.

In some cases, if our client has accounts established with primary vendors, we can work as a purchasing agent to expedite the process of getting the materials to the jobsite. Mainly, we will provide you with a lump sum price which will not change unless you change the scope.

We have dedicated staff that manages the order development process and logistics right to the jobsite to insure we have materials on time and not overly load the job with goods which drives up warehousing costs.

We frequently establish a local warehouse to receive goods off site so that the project doesn’t get overly congested with storage trailers and salvage can be removed off site as soon as it comes out of the building.

A big part of what we do is to coordinate the FF&E to match the guest room layout plans and then deliver to the job by floor and install the goods.

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