MCM Interiors, Ltd.

1600 Two Bentall Centre
555 Burrard Street, Box 264
Vancouver, BC V7X 1M9
(604) 684-0159
Contact: Edith Wormsbecker

Design that Creates Value, Service that Builds Trust
Excellence in both design and service are regarded as constant and complementary pursuits. One will not be sacrificed for the other. We believe design must enhance both the public and private realm, while being appropriate to its purpose, context and available resources. The creation of such design arises from our clients’ objectives, which we seek to understand and share as our own.

Our strength is founded in the team – the collective talents of our staff, consultants, peers, advisors, and our clients. Dedication, effort, and a striving for excellence at all times are essential as we apply our design creativity. Change is a constant; we are committed to extending the boundaries of design evolution and renewal.

Success will be measured by the trust and confidence of our clients, the recognition of quality of service and excellence of design, the mutual sense of enjoyment and fulfillment experienced by ourselves and our clients, and the financial return and stability of our ongoing practice. Ultimately, we will be judged by the value – whether aesthetic, economic, social, cultural or spiritual – of the design we create.


Interior Design