Maxwell Fabrics

8811 Laurel Street
Suite 113
Vancouver, BC V6P 3V9
(800) 663-1159
Contact: Oren Garaway

Maxwell Fabrics is a 58 year old, 3rd generation family business. Over the years, Maxwell Fabrics has focused on creating a look of exceptional style and value for the designer and decorator that has led to Maxwell Fabrics becoming one of Canada’s leading national decorative fabric suppliers. In addition to style and value, our commitment to heavily stocking all our goods ready for immediate delivery has helped Maxwell Fabrics become very successful.

From our roots as an international manufacturer of hand guided outline quilted bedspreads, our company goal has always been to focus on providing superlative customer service. We pride ourselves in being known as one of the friendliest and efficient order desks in the industry.

After years of selecting decorative patterns for our bedspread business, we shifted our focus into becoming a fabric wholesale distributor and in 1977 developed our first stack book program.

Over the years, Maxwell Fabrics has enjoyed tremendous growth within Canada, leading to our most recent venture of creating Maxwell Fabrics Inc. which has opened in the United States, January 2005. Maxwell Fabrics is excited to be selling in this wonderful new market place and will continue to provide outstanding style and value with first class customer service.

Maxwell Fabrics wants to thank its valued customers for their continued support as we look forward to expanding our business partnerships and friendships into the future.