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Contact: Linda Callahan

About NSD
Next Step Design is an innovative and influential force in foodservice design, best known for our work in world-class restaurants, high-end hotels, and cutting-edge workplace dining. We translate the ideas of the most forward-thinking architects, designers, chefs, and operators into actionable specification documents with unprecedented detail. We layout every piece of equipment, connection, and workspace through Revit® and AutoCAD®, and then we contrast that design against the real-life culinary expertise of the former chefs, servers, and kitchen managers who make up our team. This level of accuracy and functionality keeps change orders to a minimum while preserving project timelines and budgets. We understand the end goal — consistent, high-quality food preparation delivered with efficiency in an atmosphere that delights the senses.

Mission Statement
We approach every design from a holistic perspective, believing that foodservice is the engine that drives the energy and attitude of a space. Our designs are never just a series of calculations, because we speak the language of the foodservice industry and live within its culture. The visionaries behind the country’s most luxurious restaurants, hotels, and workplace dining experiences, trust us absolutely. They know that we create a higher level of foodservice design that empowers the chefs, optimizes productivity, excites our partners, and wows the patron. We provide the most detailed documents in the industry, and we do it with integrity, creativity, and passion.

Integrity Statement
Next Step Design is an independent foodservice consulting firm. One hundred percent of our income is from our clients. We work solely in the interest of our clients. Next Step Design does not participate in any incentive programs from manufacturers or vendors. Equipment specified for our projects are chosen specifically and solely on the quality and the appropriate use for the design situation.

Sustainability Statement
At Next Step Design, we are committed to working collaboratively with both clients and equipment manufactures to encourage sustainable solutions, energy-saving products and business practices. In the long term, we know energy-efficient operations not only cut our client’s bottom line, but also help to reduce the need for fuel and sustain our environment. Since commercial kitchens are one of the most energy and resource intense areas of any project, our standard design includes the most efficient equipment for water, ventilation, and refrigeration. Ultimately we draw on the expertise and experience of our team, which includes several LEED accredited professionals, to ensure and implement innovative sustainable designs.


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