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From the weight room to the recovery room, Ecore empowers human performance with safe, quiet, and ergonomic flooring. Our team is driven by the question: can a floor do more? For Ecore, the answer is “yes.” We transform reclaimed materials into performance products that make people’s lives better and strive for a planet free of rubber waste.

Our energy is focused on the interaction between people and the surface. We engineer performance well beyond industry standards related to acoustics, ergonomics, and safety. Ecore creates products that align–substantial force reduction with a balanced amount of energy return to create dynamic surfaces that are catered to the individual and the application.

Built on a legacy that began in 1871, our team designs innovative solutions for many industries. Ecore, headquartered in Lancaster, PA, serves athletic and commercial flooring customers in more than 75 countries. Learn more at

Healthy Hospitality

Product Information

Product Development Description

The Ecore Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Landing page was created to provide surfaces, re-organization solutions, disinfectant and cleaner that is necessary post COVID-19. A maintenance guidelines document for all types of surfaces: and cleaning and maintenance videos are available.

Product Brief

Ecore Commercial has created a dedicated landing page that addresses commercial flooring cleaning and maintenance needs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic:

Health Benefits

Cold Water Washable

Safety Data Sheets and Product Sales Sheets for E Cleaner and Enviro Care can be found here:

Direct Health Benefits

Ecore is offering Enviro Care, an EPA-approved disinfectant; learn more about it here:

Ecore is offering E Cleaner, a Green Seal™ cleaner; learn more about it here:

Inherent Antibacterial

Safety Data Sheets and Product Sales Sheets for E Cleaner and Enviro Care can be found here:


Enviromental Statement

All Ecore products are designed with people and the planet in mind! PEOPLE: Ecore floors featuring itsTRU™ technology help people perform better and do what they love longer by reducing impact, supporting joints, reducing fall-related injury risk, and mitigating noise. PRODUCTS: Did you now Ecore’s products are upcycled? Ecore diverts truck tires from the waste stream and transforms them into innovative flooring products! Through our patented technology, we engineer our products to have safety, ergonomic and acoustic attributes. PLANET: Ecore is Landfill Negative! Ecore diverted more than 112 million pounds of truck tires from landfills in 2019, while only contributing 8.7 million pounds of waste to landfills.

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Diversity Inclusion

Ecore believes in equality, inclusion and diversity. Ecore has a diverse workforce that is comprised of men and women and features people from many nationalities. We have a culture that prides itself on inclusion and diversity. Forty-seven percent of our employees are black/African American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific islander, Asian, American Indian or Native Alaskan, or two or more races, while 53% of our workforce is white. Ecore encourages feedback from all its employees and, as such, has suggestion boxes placed throughout our plants and office locations.