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“Our luxurious down comforters transport you to the world of tranquil dreams and serene restfulness.”

welcomes you to the wonderful world of “Top of the Bed.” We are pleased to introduce to you our Premier Collection of bedding products and the joy of a great night’s sleep.

A long day … Sore feet … Go ahead, climb in bed. Remove all pillows, except your one favorite. Pull back the comforter. The cushioning of the feather bed beneath you combines with the softness of the down comforter. They adjust to your body temperature. Give the full weight of your head and neck to the pillow. Relax from head to toe. Your shoulders fall back. Even your eyes relax …

bedding creates this kind of relaxation for you. Deep sleep promotes restoration. And we all know that good sleep quality is imperative for anti-aging purposes, optimal brain function and overall wellness.

Cuddle-up with superb comforters and pillows. Discover the ultimate comfort of warmth and relaxation.

Healthy Hospitality

Product Information

Product Brief

Mask Etc™ face masks are the comfortable solution. Each package includes 2 Mask Etc™ face masks each individually wrapped with 2 non-woven fabric covered carbon filter inserts. Mask Etc™ face masks are constructed with two layers, an outside layer of copper modified polyester and cotton and an inside layer of comfortable cotton. The inside layer has a pocket for placement of the non-woven fabric covered carbon filter insert.

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Cleaning and Warranty Info

Machine Washable

Health Benefits

Direct Health Benefits

The copper and cotton fabric makes them antimicrobial.

Inherent Antibacterial

Yes, The copper and cotton fabric makes them antimicrobial.


Enviromental Statement

Down Etc. provides clean, natural, luxurious products to the hospitality industry. In order to develop sustainability and improve our impact on the environment, down etc has launched the d.o.e. down on earth, conscious luxury initiative. We begin by going to the source of our products - the raw materials - the seed. The down on earth collection utilizes natural materials such as down and feathers, vegetable fibers including jute and coir (coconut fiber), and certified organic cotton and wool. All organic products are certified by the IMO or the Control Union and processed according to globally recognized standards. We are pleased to continue to support global, eco-friendly and community efforts for environmental and social change. Our efforts to be sustainable span from our manufacturing of raw materials to the selection of our logistics partners. We consciously implement eco-friendly practices in our factory in China and work with suppliers world-wide that are selected based on a strict audit of environmentally and socially responsible practices. Our new business relationships and research have provided us with expertise on certified organic cotton and resources in India. We have world wide support through our membership with Organic Exchange. Down Etc is interested in partnering with organizations that specialize in supporting organic farmers and collectives in sustainable growth. Our goal is control the seed to ensure the integrity of organic cotton development throughout our supply chain.

Company Related

Diversity Inclusion

Down Etc. is a privately held WBE (Women Business Enterprise) company based in California. Created in 2001, Down Etc has grown consistently each year in accordance with company goals, quantifiable targets and sustainable practices to ensure stability in socially responsible business development. Down Etc benefits from an executive team with a combined total of over 30 years of owning and operating import/export, Top of the Bed businesses. We partner with our factory in China, which strengthens our ability to secure competitive pricing and sufficient inventory to allow us to maintain adequate inventory levels in order to deliver in a timely manner to our customers. Down Etc is self-financed with no outstanding loans from third parties. We have access to additional capital for future expansion.