Venue Industries

701 S. Howard Avenue
Suite 106-410
Tampa, FL 33606
(855) 558-3683
Contact: Kelsey Greminger

Venue Furniture is a unique furniture dealer and custom manufacturer specializing in complex projects that require a wide variety of different furniture products from multiple sources. We are much more than a provider of furniture, we work with our clients to present them with the best possible furniture options as they relate to cost, quality, function and generation of revenue.

We sell products that range from the most popular chairs and barstools, to the sourcing and manufacturing of custom furniture. ?Our solid relationships with the best manufactures in the industry provide us the ability to sell furniture at very competitive prices. In addition to our aggressive pricing, we provide customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

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New Construction Projects

Our experience extends beyond that of a typical furniture dealer. As product manufactures and experienced general contractors to the restaurant and family entertainment industries we have a unique insight and perspective when it comes to providing furniture packages to new construction projects. The larger and more complex the project, the more valuable our services become. We are more than just a place to buy furniture; we become your strategic partner. To learn more about our construction division visit

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