Charleston Commercial Interiors

1121 Park West Blvd.
Suite 178B
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 416-8062
Contact: Merrill Coulter

Charleston Commercial Interiors is an ever evolving business that has grown organically to meet the needs of businesses wanting beautiful, quality interiors.

It started with Co-Founder Steve Weil representing the family mattress business to Charleston area hotels and other companies with interior furnishing needs. In an effort to serve a broader variety of businesses and needs, he started representing a major furniture manufacturer, American of Martinsville. Before long he and his company were also representing Philips TV, a bed and drapery company, and a carpet company.

As they provided more options, their spirit of enthusiastic customer service encouraged clients to ask for even more types of products such as lamps and artwork.

At a pivotal point within the business, a client, ArunBivek, said “This is great what you are offering but you need a designer!”

Noticing the design boards on the walls while in search of a mattress, Charlotte Dennis offered her services as an interior designer, saying “You know, I have a background in design and you need some help.”

From there, Charleston Commercial Interiors continued expanding their benefits and services, offering mid-level and budget hotels options to freshen up their interiors.

Realizing that some clients required even more engagement, the company began to expand their services by creating turn-key projects which included design, space planning, purchasing, and installation.

They have since moved on to include Four Diamond Resorts and other mid-level properties.

Charleston Commercial Interiors is all about the relationships and communication. They seek out manufacturers who produce quality products. They keep open communication with the client about the status of the projects, the quality of the products, and fair pricing.

They have organically grown to be a great solution for hospitality, boutique hotels, restaurants, assisted living facilities, and any other business that wants to provide an inviting interior for their customers and employees.