Abet Laminati

60 W. Sheffield Street
Englewood, NJ 07631
(800) 228-2238
Contact: Lisa Carrescia

Our goal is to create a site that is as easy to navigate, as it is informative. As you browse through you will have the opportunity to view ABET LAMINATI’s 408 surfaces, including over 200 solid color choices (the largest offering in North America), wood grains, metals, natural recycled fibers, stone-like finishes, digital and silk-screen effects and Tefor, a 100% recycled product. Throughout the year new and exciting surfaces will be highlighted including Volume II – over 250 additional laminate surfaces. This is a total of almost 700 different laminates to choose from. Sheet size for most laminates is 51? x 120?.

You may also view ABET’s Commercial Laminate Flooring, a premium product perfect for areas subjected to greater wear such as shops, hotels, salons and office environments – now with easy click installation. The excellent durability of laminate coupled with the warm, look of wood or crisp chromatic solid colors and patterns, creates one of the best choices in floor coverings today. This low maintenance, click system, floating floor product is resistant to intense impact, heat, bacteria and UV rays. Available in stock is the Vintage collection, ten standard styles reflecting the antique floors found in European historical buildings and commercial establishments. Plank size is approximately 7-1/2 in. x 48 in.