Cosentino North America

355 Alhambra Circle
Suite 1000
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(214) 256-9700
Contact: BJ Reis

Chapter Level Business Member

Both in Spain and throughout all the other countries where Cosentino is present, distribution is made through the new integral platform of service, otherwise known as: The Cosentino Centers.

Since 2008, every commercial and logistic activity of the Group at an international level is structured around the new concept of a warehouse. It’s now a very concept different when compared to the previous simple distribution center.

The Cosentino Centers demonstrate the company’s commitment of dedication and orientation towards the client. It gives an exclusive service as the centre includes all the normal the functions of distribution warehouse, plus a showroom of product and brand, sales network and promotion network.

These Centers own, also include, a teaching environment to develop a dynamic and constant programme of informative and progressive client-based events or ‘Aulas’. Different The Aulas are carefully constructed towards specific professionals from within the industry, be they; stone masons, architects, designers, or kitchen and bathroom retailers. There, they can receive training about new working techniques, new processes for natural stone and of course, the latest products!

Today, Centers Group has more than 70 Centers Centers distributed in 17 countries around the world.