Brilliant Imports, LLC

493 S. 2nd Street
Carbondale, CO 81623-2111
(512) 507-1060
Contact: Amy Campbell

What makes Brilliant Imports different? Collections like no other and connecting with people afar creating true global connections. My passion, enthusiasm, energy, adventurous nature, humor, honesty and my openness are infused into Brilliant Imports’ offerings. To curate Brilliant Imports, I travel to Bali to discover and create beautiful, bohemian-chic, handcrafted décor and design accents, artifacts and pieces. Combining my passion for far-flung travel and modern-day treasure hunting, I scour the shops and markets in Bali, many off the beaten path, seeking the most unique items. The essential element is the connections I make– the real people who invite me into their homes, studios, and shops, and help me navigate this adventure. I work closely with artists; we regularly design pieces together, exclusively for Brilliant Imports. This sincere collaboration and mutual respect are fundamental to how Brilliant Imports works. Brilliant Imports’ value of the artisan helps keep traditional skills alive and thriving.

Brilliant Imports is exotic luxury made accessible and personal-Zen made easy, bringing the well travelled into your physical environment. These pieces create sanctuary to elevate your space and also make the perfect gift with an exciting, inspiring tale to tell. Brilliant Imports will bring you an open-ended sense of discovery and multi-sensory ritual where India and Morocco mix with Bali. All Brilliant Imports are blessed by my team in Bali before they depart on their journey to the West.