Akula Living, Ltd

Akula House, 4 Cromwell Office Park, York Rd.
Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS22 7SU
+44 (0)1937 862 705
Contact: Tim Appleton

Exceptional Quality Commercial Outdoor Furniture for the Hospitality Industry Worldwide

Our skills and expertise have been learnt over 100 years of combined team experience that ensures every piece of casual furniture we create has beautiful aesthetics and intelligent, ergonomic design.

8 years ago our founder and owner was approached by the Hyatt in Dubai to produce a range of weatherproof sofas which were designed in an ‘indoor’ style but which could be used outdoor all year round.

He realised that much of the product on the market at the time was of inferior quality, not particularly stylish, and generally over priced.

Much of the product was simply not designed for the contract market – the materials, design, durability were not at all suitable. He understood that the needs of the contract market were radically different to those of retail and we knew that we could do something radically different and so, Akula was born. With the mission to create amazing outdoor furniture that would look great and stay looking great for years to come – but which was competitively, realistically priced.

The first stage was to source the best materials, from the worlds top manufacturers, which we would use in our factory in Shenzhen. Owning the factory allows us to maintain complete control over every stage of the process. It’s our factory, our policies, our practice our quality control.
The next stage was to hire a team of exceptional designers, to create styles that would enhance the outdoor spaces of the worlds top hotels.
Then, with our ranges developed, the logistics and customer care embedded in our organisation Akula were ready to go to market.
To go to market we have created a truly global company, able to deliver our product anywhere in the world. Able to take design briefs and develop bespoke products that have global appeal from our offices in America, Europe the Middle and far East.

We insist on using only the highest quality materials and level of workmanship in every piece we create.

All of our pieces are the perfect combination of hardwearing strength while remaining light and maintenance free.

We guarantee a completely seamless service from our dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist you via phone, email, or a private consultation.

We are confident that you will enjoy Akula for years to come and to back this up we offer an industry leading guarantee on all our furniture.