Alexa Milton, Inc.

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Contact: Alexandra (Alexa) Milton

Recycled layered glass sparkles and shines with pure, clear color – harmonizing and moving, yet composed. Add the sparkle of jewelry to your next interior project. This distinctive hardware line was created for Hospitality Interiors, yet is perfect for fine furniture, cabinets and doors in restaurants, spas, hotels and high-end residential spaces. Due to the Artisan nature of this handmade process – every piece of hardware is unique.

A green product
Built from sustainable and recycled materials
Layered recycled glass fused together and bonded to a sustainable metal
Handmade in the USA
Provides for both sleek/unique design and function
Colors can be customized
The recycled materials used also enhances the unique nature of this product, creating slight differences in appearance which complement each other in groupings

About 75% of our projects encompass restaurants and interiors for food-related businesses. We create concepts for a wide range of restaurants — from fast food “in-and-out” restaurants to sophisticated, fine dining facilities. Themes range from the lively sports bar, snappy café-type styles, welcoming, cozy coffee shops to elegant, secluded, fine dining atmospheres.


Hardware, Product