Warp & Phil

901 E. 14th Avenue
North Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 421-2000
Contact: Colton Fries

Warp & Phil by Fabri-Quilt is the merger of two leading companies – a fabricator of hospitality bed coverings and window treatments, and a producer of fresh and innovative decorative fabrics. Our products represent the highest quality, reflect the latest styles and meet the demanding price and performance needs of hotels nationwide.

Get to Know Our Expertise & Experience
Established in 1962, we blend expertise and experience in every product and service from custom fabrics to national brand standards development.
• Specialized guidance with custom bedding and window treatment needs
• Extensive proficiency in hotel brand standards compliance
• Exacting standards from design vision through fabrication and installation

Get to Know Our Service & Extras
Our service and extras are what we pride the foundation of our business on, in addition to our quality fabrics that are easy care for customers, and either meet or exceed hospitality industry standards.
• Responsive delivery and installation
• Samples and model room installations prior to full production
• Professional installation capabilities nationwide
• Electronic inventory control to keep customers informed at every step

Get to Know Our Production Facilities
All of our weaving and manufacturing in North America ensures outstanding turnaround while conserving resources and time during shipping.
• 245,000 sq. ft. plant in N. Kansas City, MO (largest hospitality fabrication facility in the U.S.)
• 50,000 sq. ft. plant in Queretaro, MX