D&G Sales Associates, LLC

5801 S. Macdill Avenue
Unit 2
Tampa, FL 33611-4482
(813) 837-6750
Contact: Marlene Dennis

With over 28 years experience in providing performance furnishings to the hospitality market, D&G Associates knows what’s right for your project. Here at D&G we have assembled some of the highest quality and innovative products from some of the Industry’s best suppliers. Our depth of experience and detailed Industry knowledge enable us to identify interior design trends at their source and make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations. Working with us your project will always benefit from fresh, trend-forward designs.

D&G understands budgets and knows how to keep yours on track. We will also show you opportunities to shift your resources to maximize your project’s goal, an outstanding guest experience. D&G understands timelines and the importance of keeping your project on stride.
We discuss up-front realistic schedules and know how to avoid project delays. Our factories understand our expectations and work through every challenge as not only a supplier but a project partner.

D&G has the experience and has laid the foundation to be an asset to your team. Large or small, we look forward to working on your next project.