Design Interaction LLC

86 Salem Lane
Evanston, IL 60203
(847) 274-5420
Contact: Sandy Smith

Common Dilemmas…You have an innovative product, but perhaps you can’t dedicate the time or the man power to get it out in the field. Maybe you aren’t based near the Midwest, yet you want your products to have a presence there. You understand that EVERY order begins as a specification, and without the local connections, you are unable to get an audience with specification decision makers. That’s where Design Interaction comes in. We are your Boots on the Ground! We get your products in front of key specifiers in the Chicagoland area. We schedule actual presentation appointments with decision makers who want to learn about your products. We make the “Milk Run” offering continual product sample updates. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years so we know the industry, the firms, the process. We are your Eyes and Ears! We ask about projects, document the details and provide your firm with updated market information. We keep track of where your samples are placed so you know exactly where your investments land. We are involved with local trade events. We participate, we network! Without specification connections, you WILL experience limited sales growth. Contact Design Interaction today to start a market plan that works for you!