Innovations In Lighting

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Contact: Rob Bruck

Innovations in Lighting was founded with the idea that lighting shouldn’t be rocket science, but unfortunately today it is. Most lighting companies have little knowledge of the product they’re selling, and have simply become importers, sending out PO’s to various factories and then relying on their overseas source to deliver. In many cases this has resulted in inferior product, poor choice of materials, items that are electrically unsafe, final products that don’t match the spec, and in some cases a complete failure to deliver. This is where we stand out from the crowd – by carefully reviewing specifications to avoid issues and confusion, by bidding accurately to what the project needs, and by calling out concerns, including cost saving ideas, to help keep everything on budget rather than simply taking the “quote now, worry about it later” attitude. We take the time to insure what we’re providing is exactly what’s called for on the project, and that only quality materials and components are used in the production. This allows us to ship out one of the finest lighting products on the market- lighting that not only looks like it’s supposed to, but also hold up over time.

Our work can be found in numerous high-profile projects including Las Vegas Casinos and 4-5 star resorts. We have also advised on hotel brand standards, LED Lighting and ADA compliance issues.

Products we supply:
Guestroom table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and headboard lights.
Decorative corridor lighting
Vanity Lights and Bathbars
Task Lights
Decorative public area lighting (large scale and mid-scale)

All our quoted pricing includes suitable materials and construction for the application, ideas for value engineering (when applicable)
ADA compliance reviews and recommendations (as needed)
Brand standards evaluation (when required)
Light bulb/light output review and recommendations (upon request)
Long-term maintenance concerns (when it comes up) and all our products are UL approved and labeled- no substitutes!