1217 Main Street
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 670-0050
Contact: Kelsi Lamberth

In 2006, partners Tiffany Woodson and Geoffrey Woodrum were brought together by chance while studying interior design in Dallas, TX which marked the start of an enduring partnership in business and in life. More than a decade later, Tiffany and Geoffrey oversee Ink + Oro, formerly 5G Interiors, one of Dallas’ leading boutique design firms. Ink + Oro is set to change how people experience and interact with their built environments. Their projects are designed holistically; they are inspired, tailored, and thorough, while striving to push the boundary between avant-garde and instinctual.

Tiffany and Geoffrey have a symbiotic bond, that allows for an ever-changing and always thought-provoking outlook on their projects. Their balance and distinct creativeness have made them leaders in the industry and they are dedicated to delivering timeless, unexpected designs.


Interior Design