Solstice Stone

4720 Wynn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 433-0008
Contact: Cindy Whitman

Chapter Level Business Member


Solstice Stone is the leading purveyor of unique natural stone products from around the world.

We empower our clients to unleash their creativity by providing an unparalleled, dynamic palette of materials and textures for vertical and horizontal architectural applications.

Solstice Stone’s commitment to client experience guarantees that our staff will attend to every detail of your vision from the design phase through to project completion. We are distinctly positioned to deliver on the most bespoke and complex of plans, as our dedicated international sourcing team constantly travels the globe to hand select newly discovered materials and oversee product creation.

Experience The Next Generation of Stone with our five distinct collections: Atlantic, Himalayan, Mediterranean, North American, and Pacific.