Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson, Ltd.

444 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1850
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 988-7412
Contact: Raymond Gonzalez

We are Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Architects; an acclaimed architecture, planning, and interior design firm. With an expansive portfolio of work spanning industries and audiences, our firm is recognized for our imaginative solutions, timeless aesthetic, and savvy management of the financial factors that will drive a project’s long-term success.

We are dedicated to collaboration and devoted to client service experiences that are delivered with discipline, generosity of spirit, and a dash of good humor. Our elegant, thoughtful approach to both people and project has been at the foundation for our success for 25 years.

Our work is driven by the idea that inventive, purposeful architecture provides a foundation upon which our culture can evolve and thrive. When design is useful and beautiful, it attracts attention. And where attention leads, audience follows.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the revolutionary power of inventive design. It’s a mighty tool in both business and branding. It reinvigorates sectors and redefines lifestyles. It inspires neighborhoods and ignites imaginations.

The world is full of customers, clients, employees, shoppers, tenants, and tourists who are all waiting for us to imagine something new; to create that perfect place where they belong.

It’s a place that we know well. And we’d be happy to show you around.