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Peterson, NJ 07503
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Contact: Michael Chalfin
In 1935, a father and son team set up shop in Paterson, New Jersey. Their skill and craftsmanship in woodworking was surpassed only by their visionary spirit and entrepreneurial dreams. Their modest beginnings as the Invincible Parlor Frame Company lead them to create a name for themselves as manufacturers of the finest chair and sofa frames. Like the fine woods they carved so beautifully, Harry and Samuel Chalfin carved out a reputation for their thriving business that was founded on character, honesty and integrity.  With the passing years came new advances in technology that complimented the Chalfin’s time-honored techniques. Skilled artisans and talented finishers joined the company, expanding its versatility and adding elegant new finished products to satisfy an ever-growing base of loyal customers.  Now in its fourth generation as a family business, Samuelson honors its heritage with a new corporate name that harkens to its familial roots, Samuelson Furniture. The company offers three distinct furniture lines, Delano, Invincible and Samuelson Contract, with each piece having the heirloom quality feel that is so much a trademark of the Samuelson Furniture brand. The company has also embraced a green initiative with the introduction of a verified sustainable contract upholstery program. Through the decades and generations, the company has remained true to its original focus: a family-run business built on solid principles and dedicated to creating the finest hand-crafted furniture built to last a lifetime.  We are extremely proud of our long rich heritage and will continue to manufacture with the values and craftsmanship that have become hallmarks of the Samuelson brand.
Samuelson Furniture has launched a free, online resource called Samuelson University featuring dozens of downloadable fact sheets,
white papers, and videos providing furniture insights including structure, design, and quality.

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