GaS Studio srl

Via Friuli, 65
, 20135 Milano
+39 02 7862 2050
Contact: Lenka Lodo

Chapter Level Business Member

Our modest ‘world practice’ allows us to take advantage of industry advances in both Europe and the US, while also being able to offer the responsiveness of a ’24 hour’ office that, alas, never sleeps. Complimenting each other, our sister offices bring diverse client types and site challenges into each other’s work, creating a uniquely dynamic office environment and broad perspective.

?We are committed to design that brings extraordinary value to our clients’ endeavors. Excellence in design is the heart of our practice, and has been recognized by local, state and national awards.

Relationships with vendors, clients, staff and consultants is is a key part of our office mission. Maintaining an atmosphere of support for one another’s work, good humor and well being makes the long term of the projects we take on pleasurable.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project needs and ambitions, and to starting a strong relationship together.

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