Dyer Lesja, LLC

724 E. Myrtle Pass
Queen Creek, AZ 85140
(503) 551-3499
Contact: Jolie Cawelti

The very first question I am asked about my business is “what’s the story behind the name?” It’s my favorite question as I am particularly fond of the story behind it. A meaningful nod to bold decisions made by ancestors who influence my life today.

Dyer, for Dyer, Nevada, the small town where my husband’s great-grandparents set up their homestead. A small ranching community surrounded by mountains and alfalfa fields. My husband relished the time spent there as a child.

Lesja, for Lesja, Norway, a small town where my great-grandfather was born. A young Norwegian man who carved his name on the log wall of his parents home the night before he left for a new life in America.

Their determination and hard work continue to inspire me today. Dyer Lesja is the realization of combining my over 25 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry with my attention to detail. Curating lines I love, bringing them to you in a responsive, knowledgeable way to provide the solutions you seek for your projects.

I look forward to working with you.

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