Newbury College

129 Fisher Avenue
Brookline, MA 02445-5796
(617) 730-7000

Newbury College has been a leader in career focused education for 50 years. Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood just minutes from the MBTA and the vibrancy of Boston, Newbury College in Brookline focuses on each student everyday as we create opportunity and our faculty challenges students to master the theory and practice of their major.

Our goal is to challenge students to be the best that they can be and to graduate students with the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the development of their professions and the lives of their communities. We strive to put our graduates on a fast track to career success informed by the liberal arts and sciences and to be ethically aware and professionally competent for life after college.

Faculty members teach and mentor and, with most classes under twenty students, they use the dynamic of the classroom to learn students’ goals, to challenge students intellectually and to engage students in their learning.

When you’re looking at colleges in the Northeast, I urge you to visit our campus to experience Newbury College first hand. We pride ourselves on our people, our dedication to purpose and our beautiful geographic place in the most educationally vibrant city in America.