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Emerging from a global pandemic, the hotel of tomorrow sets a new stage for the modern traveler, rethinking the way they discover, interact with, and move throughout the space. Bringing the 6X6 foot socially-distant metric directly into the aesthetic of the design, The Refined Module enables a sense of well-being and connection through the context of building materials. Guests subconsciously perceive the flow of the space through visual queueing in the floors and ceilings, contemporary material palettes and lighting. The Refined Module eliminates temporary applications of distancing measures as the future unfolds, instead providing long-term design integrity by breathing new life into existing materials that can be applied to brand standards across all levels of hotels.

Smart and tech-forward, The Refined Module creates an intuitive, elevated guest experience that balances peace of mind with dynamic public spaces. Discrete and polished sanitation kiosks offer guests a moment to freshen up as they make their way through the space, while doubling as way-finding moments. Enhanced comfort and worry-free convenience is at guest’s fingertips as this new module works in lockstep with app-based programming while they’re greeted by reception at check-in, ordering a cocktail from the lobby bar, or breezing through the grab-and-go. Improved circulation and indoor-outdoor connection inspires guests to explore their surroundings, taking in fresh air on the outdoor terraces while staying socially engaged from a distance. The Refined Module looks ahead to a new rhythm that connects guests to their hotel experience like never before.


Patricia Richey
Nicole Smith
Elyse Robinson
Marissa Swanson
Tian Si
Amanda Gertsen
Enoc Cruz
Jessica Robinson