Our Vendor Scholarships are graciously funded by the hospitality manufacturing community. These scholarships are administered by NEWH, Inc. and are presented at major national/international trade events.

Samuelson-Logo-smThe Samuelson Furniture NEWH Scholarship Award is a $3,000.00 award and is courtesy of SAMUELSON FURNITURE. This scholarship award is open to students pursuing a career affiliated with the Hospitality Industry in Interior Design.  Student travel to award event will be provided by NEWH, Inc.


NEWH, Inc. Hospitality Management Scholarships. Student completes one application and selects the scholarship(s) they are applying for. All applications are discarded at the end of the year; student must re-apply annually. Student must be able to attend the awards event with their travel and lodging provided by NEWH, Inc. See application for scholarship criteria and submittal details

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