To assist with making your time on your chapter board a success, we are using the same pre-recorded training webinars for each director/discipline we developed for 2021. Due to some unforeseen circumstances in staff availability in December 2021, we are unable to update the webinars, so please excuse the few places in the recordings that may refer to a 2021 date. Thank you for your understanding.

In order to kick off the year on a positive note for chapters, the NEWH, Inc. has established a Training Webinar for each director/discipline position to ensure all directors are informed of their board role. Participation in a webinar for your board position is mandatory for anyone serving on a chapter board.

These training webinars are for voting positions only. Chair positions or co-chairs are not required to complete the training webinar, but are encouraged – and more than welcome – to listen if interested.

The Training Webinar will:

  • review your board position responsibilities and accountabilities in detail
  • require you to answer questions from the material discussed in the webinar and return to the NEWH Inc. office
  • give you an opportunity to email or follow-up with questions to the NEWH, Inc. staff ‘go-to person’ for your particular position

Click on the position to listen to the Training Webinar. Each director must submit the accompanying questionnaire by January 31, 2022

Voting Position Webinar link Questionnaire link
President/Past President President/Past President Questions
VP/Administration – NEWH, Inc. Delegate VP/Administration – NEWH, Inc. Delegate Questions
VP/Development VP/Development Questions
Secretary Secretary Questions
Treasurer Treasurer Questions
Scholarship Scholarship Questions
Membership Membership Questions
Programming Programming Questions
Fundraising Fundraising Questions
Marketing Marketing Questions
Student Relations Student Relations Questions
Equity, Inclusion, Diversity* *Note – the EID webinar is not yet created. Please listen to the first 25 minutes of one of the webinars above, which is training for an NEWH board member as a whole, and is the same in each of the training videos. The job description is coming soon.



Board training and strategic planning provides your chapter/regional board members with the essential tools and knowledge to plan and carry out successful programs, educational and scholarship opportunities and networking events.

In-Person Board Training with NEWH Inc. Staff

NEWH, Inc. conducts a 7-hour, in-person mandatory board training with each chapter every 4 years. Chapters and regional groups are encouraged to hold a board training webinar with new board members when an in-person training or strategic planning is not scheduled. Please contact the NEWH, Inc. office to schedule your 2-hour webinar.

Strategic Planning with Trudy Craven

NEWH has added another leadership benefit for our Board Members! We are now bringing Strategic Planning to our Chapters and Regional Groups. What you learn will benefit both your time working on the NEWH Chapter Board … and also benefit your professional career.

The Strategic Planning mandatory training will be led by Trudy Craven, formerly with Milliken as Senior Learning and Development Manager. Trudy has worked with the NEWH Executive Committee since 2004. Her leadership has greatly strengthened NEWH! She has focused the Executive Committee on the NEWH mission, communication skills, limiting annual goals to what is actually achievable, and the assessment of “Where Are We” and “Where Are We Going”, and so many other areas too numerous to mention. Those who have worked with Trudy in regards to NEWH training describe her as a candid, caring individual with a genuine vested interest of helping bring solidarity and future success to the NEWH.

The cost of the quadrennial Strategic Planning session fee will be covered by NEWH, Inc., including F&B up to $25/person and venue rental up to $250. The one-day strategic planning session would be an in-person, 7-hour session with your full board. You may also invite any members you are hoping to bring into a committee or board position.

Board Training/Strategic Planning/Webinar Schedule

To see when your chapter/regional group is scheduled, please click here!

Start thinking about the dates your board will be available and let the NEWH, Inc. office know what will work for you. The “open” means an open year with nothing scheduled. If the Chapter would like additional time with Trudy, you may book a Strategic Planning session, through the NEWH, Inc. Office, in your “Open” years. This session would be at the chapter’s expense. You would have travel/lodging costs plus her fee. You should budget $2,000 – $2,500 for the one-day session.


See the PowerPoint that is used in Board Training – while this is a general PowerPoint outline for the all-day training, there is much discussion and additional information shared during the training session.

Click here for a Goal Template to help your board with goal development.

Training: Did you appoint a new board person or have a board member who missed mandatory training? see below for 2021 board member mandatory training links


See the chapter organization structure and voting positions – Chapter Board Structure
What is your role as a board member? Click here for a brief description of each board position
Click here for a more detailed description of director positions
Plan your year! – click here for the Chapter Business Plan Template

Welcome your new board members! Click here for a sample of a detailed email to sent to your new board members including their role, your expectations, where they can find resources, etc.

CHAPTER Calendar

Mark these important 2022 deadline dates including deadlines for delegate reports, NEWH magazine, TopID, board nominations and more! Check the link for updates throughout the year!


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