TopID 2025

Please review the Nomination Guide/Criteria for a complete overview of the TopID process and changes occurring in 2025 nominations.

Nomination Guide/Criteria – an overview of the process with deadlines for Chapter Boards and Regional Steering Committees

The Nomination Form is online – click here!  Know a firm you’d like to nominate for TopID 2025? Please send them this URL and ask them to complete this nomination form by your chapter/region’s deadline.

Judging Form – completed Judging form, original Nomination form, and photographs from each of the top 3 finalists is required to be submitted by the chapters/regions

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TopID Deadlines for 2025 TopID are:

3/5/2024 TopID info sent to chapters/regional boards. Chapter/Regions are to get the word out to qualifying firms in their area ‐ online nomination form opens and nominations due June 14 (no extensions).
3/11/2024 Call with chapter/regional TopID 2025 committee members.
3/18/2024 Call for nominations email sent to A&D members from the NEWH Inc. office.
4/14/2024 NEWH Inc. TopID committee check-in with Chapter/Regional committee chair.
5/14/2024 NEWH Inc. TopID committee check-in with Chapter/Regional committee chair.
6/14/2024 (no extensions!) TopID Nomination forms from Candidate Firms due to chapters/regions
6/18 – 7/22/2024 Chapters and Regions acquire photographs with signed photo release from each nominated firm and review/judge nominees.
8/1/2024 TopID winners due to NEWH, Inc. office! Chapters/Regions to submit three final TopID winners (must be submitted with nomination form, completed judging form with points assigned, and photographs acquired from each winning firm) to Diane Federwitz at NEWH, Inc. No late submissions accepted.
8/2 – 8/31/2024 NEWH Inc. TopID Committee to review/approve submitted winners to confirm required criteria has been met.
10/15/2024 TopID awards shipped to Chapter presidents/Regional chairs
10/15 – 12/22/2024 Recipients will NOT be announced by NEWH Inc. Instead, Chapters and Regions can announce/surprise their 2025 winners during their late fall/early winter 2024 TopID event (if held between October 15 and December 22, 2024)! (If your chapter chooses not to notify your finalists and present the award during a fundraiser/TopID event during this time (Oct. 15 – Dec. 22, 2024), you will have the opportunity to notify them in whatever manner you feel best suits this great honor prior to Dec. 22, 2024.)
12/22/2024-1/10/2025 NEWH office collects a quote from each winner to post along with photographs on the NEWH website.
12/30/2024 TopID 2025 recipients are posted on the NEWH website.
Feb/March 2025 2025 TopID recipients listed in the NEWH Spring Magazine


NEWH has standardized the physical award that TopID winners will receive. NEWH would like the award to become as prestigious as the Gold Key and Platinum Circle Awards. Uniformity of the award, its criteria, and the process are necessary for this to happen.