Aurora Salinas

Aurora is a commercial sales representative for Glenrock Distributing, a tile and stone distributor based out of Colorado, servicing the Colorado A&D community. Aurora joined the NEWH Rocky Mountain Chapter board of directors last year as Membership Director and is now taking on the role of Programming Director for 2023.

She has always had a passion for the hospitality industry, spending the first 9 years of her career as a server – bartender, and bar manager. Fate struck one Friday during happy hour when the owners of her current company walked in and sat at her bar. They were very impressed with her ability to not only manage the entire restaurant by herself but also provide exceptional service to all guests while creating a fun and easy-going atmosphere. Her courageous and personable presence along with her ability to efficiently manage a large quantity of clientele, lead her down a new career path in the A&D industry.
Aurora continues to expand her knowledge of the A&D hospitality industry and sales skills now through a different lens.

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