Quincy Lynne Gill

Describe your current role and what drew you to the hospitality industry.

My Current Roles:

  • Key Carrying Apparel Sales Lead at Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Full Time Student
  • SHN President
  • NEWH Rocky Mountain Chapter Student Representative

Why Hospitality:

After working in retail, serving and hosting at restaurants and finding my love of traveling, I have developed a HUGE passion for creating a space with not only the customer in mind, but also, the employee. My goal is for a space to impact you in a positive way and design with WELL Building and LEED certified elements in mind.

All three of my passions are molded into the hospitably industry. I get to have an impact on peoples’ lives each day through increasing productivity at work for employees and helping our environment.\

Describe your involvement with NEWH and why you have volunteered for the NEWH Rocky Mountain Chapter.

I got involved in NEWH because of the support they lend to students. I work full time, go to school full time, and pay for all my bills and tuition. Scholarships are extremely important to me because of the support they offer. I love that NEWH is focused around students and not winning awards. Their main focus is helping students network and support them throughout school. I know how much this means to me as a student and I also want to be able to help others as well! The NEWH Rocky Mountain Chapter has already helped me greatly, it is amazing that I now have people I can go to who are willing to answer my questions and want to help me be successful!

Expand upon what you enjoy about the design industry.

To me the design industry is this whole world that no one knows about unless you’re in it. There is an entire community of vendors, designers, architects, etc. who support each other and create spaces that change peoples’ lives. Each space can effect someone’s emotion and motivation. I have always wanted to be able to impact peoples’ lives and interior design is my way of doing that. I want to create spaces that change how a company thinks, motivates people to be healthier, and allows people to take a moment to appreciate what is around them.

Describe any hobbies or passions you have outside of work

I love being active and the outdoors! Soccer, softball, hiking, skydiving, photography, riding dirt bikes, and camping are all in my boat! I also grew up racing dirt bikes on ice which is my biggest passion! I love the adrenaline rush!

How I found my way to interior design:

When I graduated high school I wanted to be a physical therapist. I love how the body works and was also very interested in sports medicine. After completing my first year at CU Denver I realized that I would have to get a Doctorate in PT in order to truly do what I wanted. This meant the cost of my schooling would triple for something I wasn’t in love with. I continued my education at Arapahoe Community College while I figured out which path I wanted to take. One day I went and met with one of my high school teachers who recommended that I looked into interior design. I had been in yearbook for 6 years through middle school and high school, so she knew I needed to be in some kind of design. After doing some research I decided to completely change my life and give CSU’s Interior Design Program a shot. I can happily say that I have never looked back. Although it extended my time in being in school, and put distance between my family and boyfriend, this was the best choice I could have ever made for myself. I am very excited to continue to learn and become a part of this industry. I am extremely thankful I found interior design!

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