AdamTooter2Adam Tooter

Describe your current role and what drew you to the hospitality industry.
Although my business card identifies me as a sales representative, I often find myself involved in operational and planning discussions which I find very exciting. I have been involved with designing our website as well as new  internal systems we have put in place to better serve our customers. I enjoy this aspect of my job as everyday seems to bring new challenges and opportunities.

During this time I spent five years in online advertising before attending the NYU Stern School of Business to get my MBA, but textiles is truly in my blood. My grandfather, Peter Kaufmann, started this company in 1957 and I have long hoped to join the company and continue the family tradition.

Describe your involvement with NEWH and why you have volunteered for the NEWH Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Although I am based in New York, I have a unique sales territory which includes the Denver area (and a few places abroad.) The Rocky Mountain chapter of NEWH is a perfect way for me to connect with the Hospitality community out West from afar, and it supplements my regular visits to the Denver area. I offered to help out with the NEWH Golf Event which, since I am an avid golfer, fit me like a glove. I was able to provide some “golfers input” and also meet dozens of new people throughout the planning process over the last two years. I eagerly await my chance to help out at the Leadership Conference in 2017 as well.

Expand upon what you enjoy about the design industry.

I have worked in several industries and have never met such wonderful and genuinely nice people. Each event I go to seems to bring more and more good people into my life and it’s great to have the feeling that each year there are more and more familiar faces in the crowd.

Describe any hobbies or passions you have outside of work.

I am fortunate that my job encompasses one of my passions, which is travel. However it also takes me away from a few of my other passions, my wife and dog. When I am not working you can most likely find me on a river, boat, or a golf course.


I grew up outside of New York City and went to college in Richmond, VA to study business before returning to New York City where I have lived for 10 years. During this time I spent five years in online advertising before attending the NYU Stern School of Business to get my MBA. I knew I had a decision to make: go back into the hectic world of Online Start Ups or join the family company I had been thinking about since I was a boy. I made the right decision and have happily been doing what I want in my career for the past four years. You know you’re in a good place when you get to spend 20+ days a year in Denver!