Join us for this month’s Community Service Event!

We are partnering up with EEJ and hosting a Happy Hour event in their honor. This will help raise money for Showering with love, the bus provides a shower, barber shop services, a set of clean clothes and food for the less fortunate.

Everyone Eats with Jesus, Inc. (“EEJ”) is a non-profit organization which sole purpose is to provide resources to the homeless community and help them get “on their feet” on a one-on-one basis. They do monthly community outreach where they partner with other non-profit organizations to serve the homeless community and bring them resources like a shower bus, barbers, meals, clothing, snacks, hygiene products, etc.

Can’t make it to our happy hour? You can still be part of the change!

Find ways to donate below:
EEJ Amazon link:
Venmo link:

Hope to see you there! (no RSVP needed)