As a volunteer / committee member, you will learn more about NEWH and what we’re about as an organization, help to foster and grow our community in the New England region, meet new people & strengthen your professional connections, and have fun with an awesome team!

The NEWH New England Board has a variety of committees, each with their own focus and specialty, though we all work together collaboratively. Check out an overview of each committee below –

Membership Committee: Focuses on community outreach for potential, new, and existing members. Answers questions about NEWH and membership benefits, and engages with the community to nurture and grow our region. Committee members will assist the Director of Membership in communicating and interfacing with members of our community, teaching people about NEWH and our mission, and

Scholarship + Student Relations Committee: Focuses on student involvement with NEWH (including special events & activities), building relationships with local universities & colleges, and strategizing outreach & selections for our annual regional scholarship program.

Programming Committee: Focuses on developing, planning, & coordinating events in the region, relating to the NEWH mission of education, networking, leadership & business development, scholarship, and recognition of excellence.

Marketing Committee: Focuses on developing & creating marketing and outreach for NEWH in the region, including event collateral, regional announcements, informational graphics / documents, quarterly newsletter, website updates, and social media – to get the word out about NEWH, who we are, what we’re about, and exciting happenings in our region.

If you’d like to get involved and learn more about what we do, please reach out to us at [email protected]!