JJAwardThis award is given to an NEWH member in recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the NEWH, Inc. and the pride demonstrated by exemplary contribution for the benefit of all the members of NEWH. Joyce L. Johnson was a woman of extraordinary achievement and without whom the NEWH, Inc. would not have achieved its exceptional beginning. Joyce was a native of Shawano, Wisconsin. She spent her life in dedication to Education, Community Service, Business and Family. Her accomplishments and recognition of the accomplishments are truly too numerous to list, but can be portrayed in knowing that she was named Wisconsin Woman of the Year in 1979 and Woman of Achievement of Wisconsin in 1986. She traveled between Wisconsin and Los Angeles in the days and months of the forming the first Chapter of the NEWH, Inc. She gave selflessly of her time and her knowledge without compensation or reward. In establishing this award, we honor Joyce L. Johnson for the example she set in the true spirit of networking and unselfish giving to NEWH for the benefit of others and for her commitment to Education. In presenting this award, we honor the NEWH member who best exemplifies these qualities. This is not designated as an annual award, but is to be presented only when extraordinary service to NEWH is unquestionably due such recognition. This award is given at the Chapter level, and the selection is made by the Chapter President and does not need Board approval or even knowledge of the awardee.