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Testimonials from the NEWH 2022 Leadership Conference

The NEWH 2022 Leadership conference was such an amazing event for those truly passionate about the hospitality industry. All of the breakout sessions we attended had insightful, current information from some of the best industry leaders. So many great opportunities to network in both formal and casual settings throughout the days of the event. In attendance was Brands, Design Firms, Purchasing Companies, Vendors, industry advocates, Personalities, and Students. It truly lends itself to being a well-rounded event with this great mixture of roles in the industry. Atlas Concorde USA loved taking part in this year’s event. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in Nashville at the 2024 Conference.

Michael Sautner
Atlas Concorde USA

NEWH 2022 Leadership Conference was truly inspirational, thoughtful and filled with compelling current and useful industry information. Looking forward to the next one!

Elizabeth Grimsley
VDC – Van Dresser Company

What a fantastic event. From the panel discussions to the motivational speakers, there was something for everyone. It was wonderful to witness the resilience of our Hospitality industry as seen on all the faces attending. Can’t wait for the next one!

Jonathan Kaler
Williams Sonoma

There was great energy for all to be together again. From the keynotes Chase Jarvis, Aliya Khan & Bashar Wali to all the great speakers who shared their industry knowledge with some humor sprinkled in…….the conference was enjoyed by all. The greatest take-aways were the opportunities to learn more about the hospitality industry, creativity within, obtaining personal growth, making connections and growing our professional careers!

Cindy Guthrie
Guthrie & Associates, Inc.

This was my first NEWH Leadership Conference and I’m already excited for the next one. Each session I attended was informative, while panelists discussed current topics on issues or difficulties within the industry. Being able to watch these panelists come together to combat and overcome these issues in real time is something I don’t get to experience every day. Looking forward to the next conference!

Nicolette Wilkins
Atlas Concorde USA

It was a great event, I enjoyed a lot meeting professionals from all around USA and learning about future ideas and projects. Organization was perfect. Thanks everybody.

Rafael Valls
Kriskadecor USA INC

and other comments included:

  • I’m just so humbled to have been one of the honorees  for the College of Fellows. I have always believed that being a part of NEWH was good for the Industry as a whole. I have never been a member because I wanted to use NEWH to “grow” my business. I wanted to be a part of something bigger. The Leadership Conference was very special and I enjoyed all the programs I attended. One never quits learning or discovering new approaches to good business.
  • One of the best organized conferences ever. I will always be grateful to NEWH staff and the various chapters for showcasing a spectacular leadership conference.
  • There was not a dull moment at this conference. Plenty to do and many opportunities to network.

Testimonials from the NEWH 2019 Leadership Conference

The 2019 Leadership Conference was incredible – packed with networking, inspiring and innovative panels and speakers. I’m always touched by the power behind the NEWH scholarships and how they make an impact on peoples lives, to see and witness this is always awe-inspiring. Looking forward to seeing what the 2021 conference brings!

Monica Meade
Marriott International

NEWH not only creates informative and thoughtful programs to further the knowledge of design professionals, but fosters the education and financial support of those just beginning their careers. It’s a pleasure to partner and aid this great organization.

Barry Sullivan

NEWH with its overall mission and commitment to the design community has produced some of if not the best Conferences I’ve attended in my almost 3 decades in hospitality design.   As a designer, the conference not only gave me a great glimpse behind the curtain with the various panels, but the attendee’s and organizers are completely in tune to what we as out of the box thinkers need to see, taste and touch.   Thank you NEWH for providing such an amazing gathering that was both memorable and filled with value add take aways.

Callin Fortis
BigTimeDesign Studios

The NEWH Conference in Miami was absolutely fabulous.  The speakers were relevant and engaging.  The networking opportunities were creative and set the stage to make new connections and reacquaint with old friends.  A truly inspiring event and I cannot wait for the 2021 conference!

Teri Urovsky
Marriott International

It is great to be a part of the NEWH family. Having worked in hotel design for over 20 years it is wonderful to have the opportunity to give back to the industry by supporting students as they start their careers. It is always exciting to see new talent emerging at the scholarship events and to see the encouragement that the NEWH offers these bright individuals.

Caroline Cundall

and other comments included:

  • I was completely blown away! Everything was so well planned.
  • Overall an engaging and interesting experience, would love to attend again!
  • Someone said to me prior to the conference “You Know, once you go to one NEWH Leadership Conference, you’ll never miss another” – I didn’t get it then, but I get it now! This conference was head + shoulders above the rest! And YES, I will not miss another!
  • I just found everyone to be so warm and open to being social and connected. NEWH really felt like a community and there was never a moment where you felt like an outsider or unwelcomed. It felt like a family and so many details were taken care of so it was an easy conference to attend. A huge shout out to the incredibly driven and hard working NEWH Inc team and Miami Chapter that worked the sign in tables, conference coordination, planning, etc. You could see how hard they were working the entire weekend.
  • I really enjoyed being invited down as a scholarship recipient. I had a blast and learned a lot.

Testimonials from the NEWH 2017 Leadership Conference

Just wanted to express a thank you for the NEWH Conference this weekend. It was a great event for both networking and education.

Cindy Gasser, NEWH LV, Chapter Secretary
Director of Business Development, Global Allies, LLC

I wanted to thank you and all the NEWH team of volunteers and staff for a great event. This has been an excellent conference in all aspects including attendance, organization, speakers and food. I’m leaving with a great level of motivation and satisfaction. What a great conference! Congratulations on a job very well done!

Best regards,
In the spirit of networking,..
Roberto Besquin

Your National Crew did an amazing job keeping the Conference running smoothly, food for thought and for tummies was awesome!  (At one time, my head was “full” and my tummy was “empty”… and the buffet (and time-out) cured that.)  Great speakers and venue! Kudos to all!!!  Thank you,

Best, Louise Ross

Great job with all of the planning!

Scott A. Lee, AIA, LEED AP
President | Principal, SB|Architects

I really wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and all of the great people at ‘INC’ for an incredible job, from beginning to end, resulting in such a well-run, polished, professional Conference. It is the first one that I have attended and I have been spreading the word since my return about how impressed I was. I am always the first one to say that you and your team are amazing to work with but you all really outdid yourselves at this event. Congratulations again!

Scott Pope
President | NEWH |  Toronto Chapter

I would like to say thank you to all of you for inviting me in such a wonderful conference. I have learned a lot throughout the conference and also build a very useful contact that helps me in my future. It was an amazing experience in the beautiful city San Francisco and was very informative and specially a Scholarship Reception was amazing. I feel myself so proud that I was among those people who are so caring and always ready to help. It was an extreme of hospitality.  When I was arrived in USA I was so alone and now I can proudly say that I have a family because I am a member of NEWH. Thank you once again for everything and looking forward for the next conference.

Best Regards
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Class of 2013
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

THANKS for all of your hard work in making that such a wonderful show!! It was a great show and we were thrilled to be there. Cheers to Creative Collaborations!

Terry Eaton
Eaton Fine Art

What a wonderful conference you hosted for all of us in San Francisco. The arrangements, food, speakers, events, and roundtable were all fantastic.  I learned so much, and it was fantastic to connect with long-time friends and new-found friends. You are to be congratulated for a HUGE success, and a great conference in every respect.

Warmest regards,
Rachel Long | events director | Interior Design Media

and other comments included:

  • It was great! Very inspirational and a great group of people
  • It was my first Leadership Conference and I thought it was incredibly well organized, on time, and offered many opportunities for networking in business and casual settings.
  • Excellent
  • It was very well organized and provided the attendees with a great variety of topics to listen to.
  • I thought it, like most everything i associate with the NEWH, was very well done.
  • Very informative and engaging speakers on the state of our industry. Also allowed for good networking.
  • Professional!
  • Well-organized, variety of speakers, great camaraderie.
  • Excellent
  • It was very educational.
  • Strong
  • Very well planned and executed. Great detail and planning done. Extremely professional.
  • It was a thought provoking, networking filled weekend
  • I thought the speakers were great and panels very informative.
  • Great. Lots of energy.
  • I was very impressed.
  • I enjoyed it very much, met with great people, well worth attending.
  • Amazing! So much more than I expected.
  • The line-up of speakers was amazing. The schedule was great too, in that we did have opportunities during the day to check email and do a little work.
  • It was a great event, well planned, executed perfectly. A great value for the money spent.
  • Most of the events and speakers were great and insightful.
  • Well planned out – Very informative with great speakers – Great location
  • It was well done and worthwhile.
  • Excellent
  • Outstanding
  • Very professional and well done. Venue provided an elegant atmosphere and convenient location. Good quality of speakers, event flowed smoothly.
  • Excellent as it applied to International and San Francisco Hospitality Design.
  • Excellent! First rate!
  • Loved it! The level of professionals attending was very impressive and the information shared was inspiring and helpful to my business.
  • Amazing
  • Very impressed. Good flow, great topics & speakers, great food, good hotel location.
  • It was a great opportunity to network and learn.
  • Networking, pacing, attendees, subjects = all great
  • “Tone” was well done
  • Wonderful experience, great speakers and presentations, great networking, good mix of attendees. Well organized and well managed.
  • Well organized, great people, good content!
  • Very professional and well done.
  • The leadership conference was excellent! Great topics and speakers, relevant and helpful information.
  • It was a great time to learn and connect!
  • It was a wonderful conference. I have been to four of the conferences since joining NEWH and am just amazed how this conference as escalated and grown.
  • Excellent, very professional
  • Well attended and well organized, very informative and worthwhile.
  • Great attendance, very good high energy!
  • Very good!
  • Well Done
  • I was very impressed. It was definitely worth my time, and I will see a great return on my investment in the coming months.
  • It was a great opportunity to network with industry professionals – including influential leaders
  • Keeps getting better!
  • It was fantastic I will definitely attend again.
  • Terrific!
  • It was my first leadership conference and I thought it was fabulous! I was so inspired and came home with so many ideas. I’d definitely go back again!
  • I think it was great and very well organized
  • Great event!
  • It was really good, love the location
  • Excellent conference, great people, interaction, and events.