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General Membership

GENERAL membership is open to professionals who have been actively involved in Hospitality or a related field for one or more years. General members are entitled to full membership and voting privileges as outlined in the NEWH By-Laws. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Associate Membership

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to those industry members who have, within a 12-month period, completed an accredited area of hospitality related studies. The associate membership category will be available to these members for three (3) years. Associate member cannot hold an elected office, but are encouraged to serve on chapter board committees.

Education Professional Membership

EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL are those persons who are full time educators for Hospitality Studies, to include Architecture, Asset Management – Hospitality Industry Studies, Culinary Arts, Environmental Design, Food Service Management, Hospitality & Restaurant Management, Hotel Administration, Interior Design, International Hotel Management, Nutrition Management, Tourism & Convention Administration, and Travel & Tourism.

Student Membership

STUDENT MEMBERS are those who are enrolled in an accredited place of secondary education, majoring in Hospitality related studies. Student members will receive one year of free Associate membership upon graduation, in order to facilitate the transition to General membership. Please join the chapter/region your school is located in – if you do not see the area listed, please choose ‘Regional’. Questions? Email us or call 800-593-6394.

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