Waldorf Astoria: Arizona Biltmore 

The Arizona Biltmore is one of over 530 existing Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts. Ulster Carpets had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing carpets for many of the public areas of the hotel during their recent refurbishment. Set in the heart of Phoenix the hotel provides an array of amenities including 7 tennis courts, 8 swimming pools and a luxury spa, all set within the 39 acres of lush surroundings.

Ulster worked closely with SFA Design throughout the project and the carpets are a subtle nod to the architectural heritage of the hotel which showcases the work of one of America’s most influential architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. The carpets designs and colours resemble the ‘Biltmore Block’,  which made of sand and in an array of geometric patterns, were used for many private homes in that era. The diamond geometric designs tie in with the art deco theme which flows throughout the hotel, particularly in the guestrooms, and were inspired by the hotels nickname ‘Jewel of the Desert’. The stunning designs are complemented with a palette of neutral sandy hues which reflect the hotels desert surroundings.

Ulster were proud to take part in the refurbishment of such a prestigious hotel, which for many years has been a popular holiday destination of American Presidents and Film Stars. The rich heritage of the hotel was the focal design inspiration for the beautiful carpets now adorning the floors.

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