Alaska Rainbow Lodge

PO Box 39
King Salmon, AK 99613
(800) 451-6198
Contact: Amanda Ferguson

Unique Alaska Fishing Trips is our business. Making your Alaska Fly Fishing experience unforgettable is our goal and promise.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a river-based fishing lodge PLUS we fly out daily with multiple aircraft. You are assured of finding rivers with the highest concentration of fish. You have the greatest river in Alaska as a back up should the weather turn bad, since we are located right on the bank of the Kvichak. There’s no such thing as a bad day of fly fishing at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Combined with the experience and dedication of our certified fishing guides and your hosts, Chip and Amanda Ferguson, there’s no better base of operations to have spectacular and unforgettable Alaska fishing trips.

Many lodges claim they are fly-out lodges. With some you’ll only fly out two days out of seven, or the lodge only has enough airplanes for half the guests. Other lodges in southwest Alaska operate on a program they call “Daily Fly-out Fishing.” What this means is that every day, ALL the guests pack up into an airplane and fly to a different destination to spend the day fishing. But if the weather is un-flyable, you’re stuck without a place to fish. Some lodges are river-based lodges (no fly-out fishing). They state that they never have to depend on the weather to go fishing. They don’t mention that if their river is flooded, or the fish run has moved on, you’re out of luck. But there’s no need to risk your hard-earned vacation time.

You’ll never have those concerns with Alaska Rainbow Lodge. We’re proud to offer an unsurpassed, premium Alaska fishing trip experience, helping our guests maximize their fishing fun and success each and every day!