Ageless Living Collaborative Announces Scholarship Partnership with NEWH

CHICAGO-(DECEMBER 4, 2020)—David Ashen, President of dash design, Phoebe Stein, President of OLIVE Presents, and Shelia Lohmiller, Executive Director of NEWH announced the formation of a joint relationship and the development of a new Senior Living design-focused scholarship fund offered by the Ageless Living Collaborative and NEWH, said Ashen.

In July of 2020, the Ageless Living Collaborative (ALC) was founded by senior living design industry leaders to share information, educate, discuss and delve into current challenges and find solutions, for the senior living community.

Since its inception, the ALC has offered eight, no-charge webinars covering topics from ISOLATION to SMALL HOUSES, a three-part series on Senior Living Design 101 a Communications webinar and a think tank. Additionally, the ALC website features information for those who are interested in senior living design, added Ashen.

“We are thrilled to extend the Ageless Living Collaborative brand to include a scholarship offering to a student(s) committed to senior living design. To be able to partner on this initiative with NEWH, a successful global organization whose mission is to raise scholarship dollars to qualified recipients in the hospitality industry, as well as educate and elevate the industry, which is parallel to our own goals for ALC, is a tremendous honor,” said Stein.

To make a donation to the Ageless Living Collaborative Scholarship Fund, click here!


About Ageless Living Collaborative
AGELESS LIVING COLLABORATIVE, or ALC, an independent, non-sponsored group of passionate, talented and extremely knowledgeable senior living design professionals dedicated to creating optimum outcomes for seniors, in senior living communities and other housing options. The group is dedicated to support and keep seniors thriving. For more information please visit:

About NEWH
NEWH is the premier networking resource for the hospitality industry, providing scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence and business development opportunities. To learn more about the organization please visit,

For more information, contact: Phoebe Stein or 773-307-2027