Designer II

Design staff with a professional degree from an accredited program preferred. Full-time entry-level professional performing basic design and production assignments. Engages in assigned tasks and collaborates with team members throughout the design process. Demonstrates progress in their knowledge of building and compiling a set of drawings. Is inclusive of their fellow team members even if they have differing views. Has established knowledge of the technical programs needed to contribute to project deliverables. Provides visionary ideas to design and its process. Exemplifies integrity when interacting with stakeholders. Continues to add value to team with presentation skills and looks for ways to improve them where needed. Able to demonstrate all of the key requirements of team work and core values expected at Smith Gee Studio as follows:


  • Takes their work seriously
  • Provides daily support for project development
  • Participates in the full design process – Schematic design through construction administration
  • Respects other team members
  • Understands the path for documenting a set of drawings
  • Demonstrates humbleness in their mistakes & takes initiative to resolve them with the team
  • Works with team members to achieve project deadlines
  • Provides documentation of meeting notes for the team
  • Communicates with team members consistently to better understand the tasks at hand
  • Demonstrates a hunger to learn and grow within their role on the team and at SGS
  • Assists other team members with technical or presentation skills

Submit all questions, resume and portfolio to [email protected]

Contact Email: [email protected]
City: Nashville
State: TN
Country: USA
Job Title: Designer II
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No
Date Published: June 5, 2024