Evoke International Design

2388 Alberta Street
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3K7
(604) 875-8667
Contact: Pamm Fournier

Chapter Level Business Member

Evoke International Design Inc. is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Vancouver, Canada.
Formed in 2000, Evoke has extensive experience in a variety of design disciplines including
building and spatial design, interiors and graphic design. These multi-disciplines manifest
themselves through our work in corporate office design; restaurant, entertainment and retail
design; and single-family residential projects. We approach design from a collaborative point of
view, and align ourselves with clients that share our modern aesthetic values and creative
process. The resulting project should be a well-integrated design that doesn’t rely on overly
trendy concepts: it is about composition and the combination of form, function and innovation to
achieve the client-unique design objective.