Categories and Participation

Design Firm Teams – No fee to participate

DESIGN FIRM TEAMS (architect & interior design firms) will be teamed up with a randomly matched local or national hospitality manufacturer (DESIGN TEAM SPONSOR) to produce a design from one or more un-assembled chairs provided by NEWH Las Vegas.

  • 70/70 Rule: At least 70% of the chair design must use the DESIGN SPONSOR’S materials. AND at least 70% of the original chair must be used in the design.
  • 446 Rule: Chair design dimensions not to exceed 4′ L x 4′ W x 6′ H.
  • Essence of Chair RULE: Creativity is given free rein in this competition. However, participants must keep in mind that this is a chair design competition. The end result does not have to be a literal chair, of course. But neither is the IKEA chair simply meant to be just a source wood. If you must grind the chair into dust and spin a vase for example, give the judges a reason to think chair.
  • There is no cost to the DESIGN FIRM TEAM. All reasonable materials for the chair design, in addition to the sponsorship fee, are provided by the DESIGN TEAM SPONSOR.
    DESIGN FIRM TEAMS should have 2 to 5 members participating.
  • Cross-functional participants per team is encouraged (architects, designers, purchasing agents, etc.).
  • Multiple teams per design firm is encouraged.
  • Design Firm / Client (i.e. co-branded) teams are allowed.
  • Blank chairs will be sold and / or distributed at the KEY PARTY. If requested, additional chairs per DESIGN FIRM TEAM may be purchased for $50.
  • Each DESIGN FIRM TEAM chair will be entered into the CHAIR DESIGN COMPETITION.
  • DESIGN FIRM TEAMS and DESIGN SPONSORS are signed up in order of commitment and any DESIGN FIRM TEAM may be matched randomly to any DESIGN TEAM SPONSOR. Matching takes place at the KEY PARTY.

Student Teams – $10 per team includes 1 chair

  • All NEWH LV scholarship interior design programs will have the opportunity to participate in this event as well.
  • Chairs will be provided at the KEY PARTY and provided for $10 to each student team that signs up. If requested, additional chairs may be purchased for $10 each.  A maximum of (5) chairs may be used per design.​
  • Chairs should be comprised of materials found in their studios and libraries.
  • Each STUDENT TEAM chair will be entered in the Chair Design Competition as a ‘Student Submission.’  This year, for the first time, one award will be given for Best Student Design and the winning student team will share an all expense paid trip to the NEWH Leadership event in Dallas, TX (airline tickets, hotel stay, conference, and $500.00 spending money).

Independent – $50 per team includes 1 chair

  • “Independent” participants within the hospitality industry and the Las Vegas community may participate in the ‘Art of Design’ Chair Design Competition by giving a restricted contribution of $50 to obtain a blank chair to design. If requested, additional chairs may be purchased for $25 each.  A maximum of (5) chairs may be used per design.
  • Chairs may be designed with any materials – no restrictions.​
  • This category  includes local artists, independent designers, restaurants, boutiques, local businesses, etc.
  • Each independent team’s chair will be entered in the CHAIR DESIGN COMPETITION.

Design Team Sponsors – team sponsorship + material costs

  • DESIGN TEAM SPONSORS (hospitality manufacturers and / or showrooms) may sponsor a DESIGN FIRM TEAM by giving a restricted contribution (see Sponsorship Chart)​ plus any reasonable materials necessary for the design of the chair. DESIGN FIRM TEAMS do not incur any costs.
  • DESIGN TEAM SPONSORS may sponsor multiple teams if number of DESIGN FIRM TEAMS exceeds the number of sponsors.
  • DESIGN TEAM SPONSORS are signed up in order of payment.