Extended Deadline was July 12th, 2023

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2023 Design Awards Competition

NEWH Las Vegas encourages all designers, architects, builders, general contractors and owners to enter the HOSPY Awards. The awards recognize deserving individuals and firms in the hospitality industry for extraordinary achievements in architecture, design and development.

Eligibility for Entries:

For Southern Nevada Firms: Any new construction project or renovation completed anywhere in the world between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2023 is eligible for submission.

For Firms Outside Southern Nevada: If you have completed new construction or a renovation in Southern Nevada during the above timeline, your firm is eligible for submission. Submissions may have not received a HOSPY Award in the past.

Entry Fees:

Fees are $150 for the first project; $125 for each additional project. Project submission fees are non-refundable.

Submission Deadline – extended to Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Project Categories:

  • Hotel
  • Lobby Registration Area
  • Casino Space: Main Gaming Floor
  • Ballroom/Convention Space
  • Nightclub
  • Lounge/Bar
  • Spa
  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Casual Dining Restaurant
  • Design on a Dime – Under $1 Million
  • High Limit Gaming
  • Buffet
  • Hospitality Retail Space
  • Typical Guestroom
  • Suite
  • Resort Pool Experience
  • Landscape/Interiorscape/Porte Cocheres
  • Stand-Alone Restaurant (not in a hotel or casino)
  • Best Theatrical Experience
  • 777 Small Firm Category (less than 7 years old,  less than 7 employees and 7 or less projects a year)

HOSPY Entry Process

To Register a Project: (click here for a printable PDF of the Project Submission Instructions)
(Click here to Register a project via PDF; Click here to Register a project Online)

Fees are $150 for the first project; $125 for each additional project. (deadline to submit project is extended to July 12, 2023).

When saving files for submission, title all files starting with the submission number assigned the entry followed by the original file name (example – 0100EntryForm).

Files needed, complete all items in entirety:

  1. Entry Form
    Please be sure to list your Company name and project name/hotel EXACTLY in the manner you desire it to be marketed for the awards. Submit payment for your selected categories on the Entry Form. Once payment is received you will receive an email with one submission number for each paid entry.  In the same email, you will receive a link to access and download the forms (listed below) and instructions on how to upload your completed forms for submittal. (If you lose this email, please contact Tina Anaya, [email protected] to request a new email sent.)
    1. Concept Statement (this is a page on the PPT template)
    2. Credit Sheet
    3. Project Image/Floor-plan Powerpoint Template
    4. Past Vendor Nominations
  2. Concept Statement
    The Concept Statement is a summary of the submittal less than 150 words will help the judges better understand the project. Make no reference to the name or location of the project. The concept statements will be used to describe your project, if selected for a finalist and/or winner of the category. Please be as creative as possible, share challenges, bring us in depth! Ensure your concept description matches the executed project. Judges have specifically given less points if the project does not match your concept statement.
  3. Credit Sheet
    The Credit Sheet should include contractors, manufacturers, consultants and/or other individuals or firms that made significant contributions to the projects. Please include email addresses or phone numbers. These companies may be mentioned in the award ceremony, and they may be contacted to sponsor the HOSPY Awards.
  4. Project Image/Floor-plan PowerPoint template
    Use the Project Image/Floor-plans PowerPoint template for all images and floor-plans. Please assemble PowerPoint so that floor plans are at the beginning of the PowerPoint followed by the project images. Images used in the PowerPoint preferably should be in tif format, however, we can accept png, or jpg formats too. Image resolution should be 1024px x 768px and 300 dpi. Please do not submit photos taken from a mobile phone, or low res images. The submitted PowerPoint should contain the following:
    a. A minimum of one but no more than three floor-plans
    b. Provide at least 7-12 images of the project, beyond the floor plans, to effectively tell your story.
  5. Best Vendor Nominations
    The person that is an expert in their craft. Not just the popular personality.

All submissions must be made by July 12, 2023.

Judging Process:

A special panel of distinguished judges from across the country will judge the submitted entries. Submission in a category does not guarantee an award will be given, as the judges may decide to not award a category. Ties may sometimes occur. Up to five finalists may be recognized in each category and winners will be announced during the awards ceremony.

Please be sure to consider the story and message your submission conveys. Be mindful of your concept statement, and your PPT pages to share specifics: Were there tight budgets? Did you have specific challenges to overcome? Did you employ a creative use of materials, color, or space planning? Have a compelling story to go along with the project? Unreasonable deadlines? Please elaborate! Send photos that tell the story. Below is a glimpse into a few of the definitions for the judges scoring criteria:

CONCEPT:  Originality? Is it relevant to the property, location and history? Does it engage the guest? Could the firm have been a driver of the concept, or are they responding to client request? Was the concept statement executed in the finished project?

CREATIVITY: Did the client address the concept in an authentic manner? Is the use of materials fresh or unexpected? Does the design evoke a feeling or emotion? Were there budget constraints that impacted or influenced the design in a noteworthy manner?

USE OF COLOR: Is the pallet relevant? Is the pallet on trend? Does it create the feeling intended by the concept?

USE OF SPACE: Is the project planned well, based on size and building restrictions? Is the scale appropriate? Does the project allow for all the expectations of the guest? Is the plan effortless and comfortable, or does it take work for the guest to acclimate to? This category can be especially relevant in remodel projects.

FUNCTIONALITY: Has the client fulfilled the requirements of the owner and the expectation of the guest while executing the initial concept? Does the project work with the surrounding environment?

HOSPY Awards Event

The 2023 HOSPY Awards will be presented during the NEWH Las Vegas fundraising event on Saturday, September 23rd at Wynn Las Vegas. All submitting firms should have representation present to accept their possible HOSPY awards.